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Closing date: July 03, 2024
Final closure of the platform for Schools/Universities, Students and HR.

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Eduniversal recognizes and promotes academic strengths within global institutions.

The Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking is an important source of information and is often used by students and companies to determine the quality of an institution.

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Eduniversal classifies and highlights global Masters and MBA programs which develop and graduate the best new professionals in the global labor market.

We value the expertise and knowledge of HR representatives and their opinions compose one of the core criteria we use for the establishment of our ranking.

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Eduniversal asks students for their opinion on the program in which they are enrolled.
The student opinion plays an important role in our ranking. We value student opinion which allows the ranking to take into account information exclusive to those who have attended a particular program.



The Eduniversal Best Masters ranking classifies the best Masters and MBA programs in the world. The ranking is determined by the survey responses received from three important ranking groups each year: deans and directors of the programs, recruiters/companies, and graduating students.

The results of the surveys from these three groups are used to determine the ranking of programs in 50 fields of study. All of these programs come from the institutions ranked and selected by Eduniversal.

We collect the information needed from each ranking group through the surveys available on this platform (click on the appropriate tab above). Participation is free of charge.

The results of Eduniversals Ranking and the information concerning the best programs in each field of study are updated every year and are available on our official website at www.best-masters.com

    More than 12,000 postgraduate programs are evaluated each year. The final ranking is determined through a global survey of 5,000 international recruiters/companies, 800,000 students and over 10,000 representatives from 1,000 academic institutions.
    The three most important criteria are the reputation of the program, the salary of first employment after graduation and student satisfaction with the program. Bonus points are awarded in specific situations, for example when a program attracts a lot of international students.
    The types of programs that qualify to be ranked are Masters, Masters of Science, Masters of Arts, MBAs and specialized MBAs, as well as Executive MBAs & MBA part time programs.

What types of programs are included in the ranking?

More than 50 different fields of study are listed in the Best Masters&MBAs ranking worldwide.